Century 21

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Century 21: rebrand

It was time to burn that old house down and rebuild it from the studs up.

Century 21 is a true pioneer of the real estate industry. As the first real estate company to create a franchise system for independent brokers and entrepreneurs, it revolutionized the category to become the largest real estate company in the world.

However, a lot has changed in the 50 years since the brand was founded. Forty-two percent thought its best days were behind them and 49% no longer paid attention. Even with 20 years of unaided brand awareness, they needed to lead the change or be left in the dust.
With this challenge in mind, we began to immerse ourselves in the world of Century 21.
We interviewed internal stakeholders, top brokers, and agents globally, from rural to metro areas in a variety of markets.

This is an important empathy stage. It gives all the interested parties an opportunity to be seen and heard; a chance to voice their opinions, feelings, and insights. We ask questions, then listen and learn.
Century 21: rebrand
Taking these insights and findings, we deconstructed the current Century 21 System to determine how we could set them up for success.
Through this initial audit and research we were able to map out the Century 21 ecosystem and establish our intent.

Establishing Our Intent

Century 21: rebrand
The strategy in short was to shift the company focus from transactions to experiences.

mission statement

Defy mediocrity and deliver extraordinary experiences.

We call it like we see it. We bar no holds. And we’re not afraid to tear down the house if that house needs to be rebuilt. We’re here to put our industry on blast for the sake of the industry.

Our posture is that of a leader, and not of a bully.
We’re a challenger—challenging agents to be better, challenging real estate companies to meet us on our level, and challenging homeowners to demand more.

We are agents of the Century. And we are relentless when it comes to your move.
brand platform

Relentless moves.

Century 21: rebrand
Building upon our strategic foundation we began to explore the visual identity, starting with the core brand elements.
Not your grandfather's Century 21, we're better.
It was time for
a big, ambitious move.
Creating a flexible and agile brand identity system with tools to enable their agents and brokers to continue doing what they do best.
Transitioning the brand purpose from transactions to experiences.
We partnered with Century 21 to design various high-impact touchpoints.
century 21: rebrand
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