Century 21

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Century 21: reinventing an icon

Reinventing the iconic C21 gold jacket for the Twenty-First Century.

Back in the 70’s, when Century 21 was founded, they became known for the signature gold jacket worn by agents and brokers.

Over the years, the jacket has become outdated and obsolete. With their 50th Anniversary coming up, we wanted to reinvent this iconic symbol for a modern era.
Over the past 50 years, the real estate industry has evolved and so has the role of the agent.
So we've empowered our agents by outfitting them in a reimagined Century 21 gold jacket,
creating an icon that is versatile, sporty, unisex, and aligns with their relentless mindset.
We also incorporated subtle brand details throughout the interior and exterior to make it feel unique and approachable.
Designing for comfort and flexibility, we crafted a piece of clothing that moves with them every step of the way.
century 21: jacket
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