brand refresh
monster: brand refresh

Curing a monster identity crisis with curation and distinction.

A category pioneer, Monster was the first job search database on the Internet. The site revolutionized the job search for seekers and employers.

Over 20 years, the brand lost its way. Monster slowly lost relevance and resonance as emerging competition began copying their formula. Internally, little to no attention was being given to their brand. The company struggled to define themselves and found themselves spinning out in a full-blown identity crisis.
monster: brand refresh
Brand Audit

We dove into their past and present to identify our path forward.

In 1999, they created a mascot, "Trumpasaurus," as the primary element of the brand, acting as an employment specialist for job seekers to rely on.
In 2017 the brand killed Trumpasaurus and launched with a new Purple Monster, a friendlier, more approachable, modern mascot.
Over the next four years, in an attempt to move away from their impersonal veneer of the mascot, the brand fell into a full-blown identity crisis—

experiencing symptoms such as extreme purple fatigue, typographic psychosis, stock-photo-handshake-o-philia, and fear-of-not-being-as-cool-as-the-new-kids-so-let's-add-some-dots mania.
time for change

The client was ready to get their groove back, and tap back into their 'punk rock roots.'

"We were the punks who shook up the world. We were made by people for the people. We didn't accept the status quo and brought down institutions that made lives harder. We lost our way once. We won't get lost again."
monster: brand refresh
We needed to tap into this, not in the literal sense, but find a way to stand out and not fall victim to the overly corporate character traits that made up a lot of the job search category.
Monster services predominantly blue collar job seekers and employers. We dug into blue collar industries to find bold typography, colors, and simple, gritty executions that would move them closer to their audience and away from their competitors.
monster: brand refresh

Refinement of the present informed by the new strategic platform.

our objective
The brand was desperate for change, and with an internal new strategic positioning in play, they were primed for a refresh.
monster: brand refresh

How we went to work with only 55 days.

In lieu of a rebrand, we cleaned up the system and created clarity by infusing purpose into their existing assets while developing a few new elements.
Without the timing or budget for substantial logo changes we introduced popping the "O" in the existing wordmark as a nod to Monster's proficiency in identifying standout talent.
A system of patterns was developed stemming from the negative space in the wordmark.
Our cropped wordmark is a second primary graphic application in the system. Their bold, graphic nature nods to the simplicity of blue collar design, additionally creating a subtle nod to their wordmark, working to build equity in their distinctive assets.
monster: brand refresh


We gave the brand a photo POV that showcased the soft, confident faces of their primary target, their blue collar seekers and employers. We added a grit treatment nodding to their punk rock roots.
monster: brand refresh
the system
We developed a toolkit that elevated their primary brand assets, providing them with a scalable system that made them feel confident in themselves.
System Updates
  • Wordmark
  • Color Palette
  • Typography
  • Iconography
  • Pattern & Graphic Elements
  • Photography
  • Mascot Usage
We equipped them with layout guidance
that set them up for success and autonomy.
monster: brand refresh


the system
We brightened and cooled Monster's main purple while adding in 3 others to allow for flexibility in the system.
Drawing from our blue collar inspiration we integrated teal into the new palette: the primary color of scrubs, relatable to seekers and employers in the medical and dental fields. The teal also worked to push away from the sea of blue in the category.
monster: brand refresh


Bold, straightforward typography is the core element of blue collar design. We developed a dynamic typographic system that allowed for flexibility and variation.
We focused our attention on the preliminary designs of their highest priority touchpoints, ensuring the system would function across all of their markets and touchpoints.
The monster usage was significantly reduced and redeployed as a tertiary system, allowing the brand to come out from behind their mascot.
Interior Design
Photography POV
Social Templates
Print Collateral
Trade Show Booth Design