Mount Gay

brand refresh
mount gay: Brand Refresh

Break through the faux-thenticity and channel their 315-year-old legacy.

Mount Gay had lost relevance with consumers who were “too busy.” They had strong credentials, but were suffering from low awareness.

With whiskey’s rise in popularity, manufactured storylines and lifestyle-driven products were flooding the shelves. They needed to find a way to break through the faux-thenticity and channel their 315-year-old legacy.
The original visual identity was made up of what we referred to as a Pirates of the Caribbean kitschy cartoon vibe.
Not only was their current look kitschy, it was inspired by a time during the island’s history that wasn’t their own. In fact, it represented an era when their culture was forever changed.
mount gay: Brand Refresh
We looked at the category and found a common theme, faux-thenticity—brands pushing unattainable luxury, the party lifestyle, and brohood.
Our goal was to respect the culture of the island rooted in kinship and inspire curiosity in the hearts and minds of the world.
Premium is being redefined in today’s generation. Money is spent on experiences versus things and authenticity is greater than the gilded veneer of luxury.
mount gay: Brand Refresh
We traveled to Barbados for a brand immersion where we had the opportunity to listen, learn, experience, research, and mine Mount Gay’s history and the island’s culture to give us building blocks for creating a truthful, premium, and energetic visual language.
Touring the distillery and island, Sean O’Brien captured textures, people, ingredients, and stories to aid in the design exploration.
mount gay: brand refresh
We broke away from the brand guidelines and started searching for a new visual language that would best represent the Bajan culture.
mount gay: Brand Refresh
We helped Mount Gay build a brand identity as authentic as the rum, helping the legend run deep by shedding the superficial kitsch and embracing the truth as the world’s oldest, most undiscovered rum.
the solution
Within the family of Mount Gay there were four tiers of rum. Each needed to work within one system with a subtle shift in grade.
We developed a distinct visual identity that utilized elements derived from the island, its people, and the distillery—a look we call the “deconstructed postcard.”
Allen Smith’s signature is legendary, as he has been Mount Gay’s master distiller for a number of years. It’s ready, when he says it is.
The type within our system was directly inspired by the barrel type and markings.
The background texture is from the exterior walls of the Mount Gay distillery.
We wove in the old hatch line drawings by using them in a series of custom stamps.
mount gay: black barrel
mount gay: XO
mount gay: 1703
mount gay: Brand Refresh
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mount gay: brand refresh
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