brand refresh
Providence: Brand Refresh

Rejuvenating a national organization steeped in 150 years of legacy and heritage.

Founded in the mid-1800s by the Sisters of St. Joseph, Providence is the longest-running woman-lead organization in the country, providing over 150 years of excellent healthcare.

Following a 51-hospital merger, Providence needed a visual identity that rallied all of its affiliates. We crafted a visual identity that paid tribute to their catholic legacy yet propelled them into the modern era.
Providence: research
First, understanding the legacy of this family of brands.
Unified organization
Larger family of brands
Health for a better world.
We're all caregivers, whether you're the person who's writing up the bill or greeting the patient at the front door.
Core values
Providence: brand refresh

We distilled our research into
four guiding design pillars.

Clear communication for those who are overwhelmed and in a constant state of confusion.
Inclusive and meaningful
connections with caregivers
who genuinely care,
no matter your race, age,
gender, religion, or social class.
Giving peace of mind
to patients/consumers
and caregivers through
a deep understanding of
their individual needs.
Staying true to their legacy
of excellence as an established healthcare partner with access to the latest breakthrough technology and treatments.
Providence: brand refresh
In lieu of a rebrand, we developed a purposeful kit of parts infused with their historic legacy.
Graphic elements
The Sisters of St. Joseph had a long and storied history of lacemaking as a means to support themselves in the early years of their practice.
This delicate practice inspired a pair of graphic elements leaning into the intricate details found in lace. The woven details intended to inspire connection.

The enveloping form of the wave graphic evokes feelings of trust, warmth, and awe.
Providence: Brand Refresh
An expanded palette worked to infuse a sense of legacy, safety, and serenity.
expanded brand elements
Natural hues, with pops of jewel tones, worked to amplify their historic blue and green.
core brand colors
expanded palette
Providence: Brand Refresh
Authentic moments
expanded brand elements
The photography emphasized the sacred moments shared between patients and caregivers, leaning into compassion and human connection.
Providence: Brand Refresh
Crafting the system
the visual identity
We developed a design system that elevated their primary brand assets, providing them with a scalable system that all caregivers and patients could rally behind.
We developed a digestible toolkit and secondary assets that functioned nationwide, across all 51 hospitals and their affiliates.
System Updates
  • Color Palette
  • Typography
  • Graphic Elements
  • Photography
providence: brand refresh
Photography POV
Interior Design
Print Collateral
Apparel Design