Refreshing "The PITCH"
suffolk: Refreshing "the PITCH"

Elevating the first impression, the opportunity that defines new business success.

Our partnership with Suffolk extended beyond the rebrand. With a new strategic foundation and core design system in place, we needed to elevate Suffolk’s priority touchpoint: the pitch.

We partnered with Suffolk’s work acquisition team to audit their pitch proposal process and deliverables.

With a holistic understanding of the pitch process, we crafted strategic, design, and production solutions to set the team up for success.
Where we've been

The Suffolk rebrand evolved the brand from the inside out, signaling significant change within the company and to the world.

our goal

Refresh and reenergize their most significant new-business touchpoint:

the opportunity that defined whether they win or lose.

suffolk: Refreshing "the PITCH"

We conducted a deep-dive audit of their internal processes and tangible pitch materials

to gain observations, opportunities, and insights.

we listened
We spoke with key influencers of the process to gain knowledge and understanding from those who know it best.
we observed
We dove into both Suffolk's and their competitors’ proposal materials, as well as Suffolk's internal process.
An outsider's perspective and informal “war room” created a safe space for communication and problem solving, opening the door for change.
suffolk: Refreshing "the PITCH"
Audit Part One-
Internal Workflow
We guided Suffolk through areas of friction, process opportunities, and actionable solutions.
key insights
An inefficient process resulted in an overloaded team with an underutilized skill set.

The team's passion diminished, the polish and final product began to suffer.
Key to success
A solid process and an empowered, excited team.
action needed
Greater investment in both the people and the work for a higher-quality output.
suffolk — Refreshing "the PITCH"
Audit Part Two-
Output Materials
We dissected Suffolk and their competitors' digital and print materials, identifying design strengths/weaknesses and opportunities for improvement.
Front Covers
Table of Contents
Cover Letter
Executive Summaries
Firm Profile
Org Charts
Divider Pages/Tabs
Form Treatments
Infographics & Icons
Logistics Plan
Tables & Matrices
Additional Materials
Summarizing our findings into a digestible takeaway.
suffolk: Refreshing "the PITCH"
With process underway and a deep understanding of their needs, we began developing a toolkit and a kit of parts, providing them with autonomous tools to futureproof their proposals.

We developed a variety of templates to allow for design and content flexibility, creating customizable solutions for both their high-profile and everyday clients.
Templates and production solutions provided the Suffolk team with smarter, more thoughtful solutions, alleviating stress and setting them up with an efficient workflow, freeing up space to focus on a strategic, polished new business conversation.
Suffolk: refreshing the "pitch"
Brand Workshops
With new tools in place, we conducted brand workshops with the team so they could get acclimated to the new brand.
Suffolk: refreshing the "pitch"
Dynamic Guidelines
The new templates and tools were deployed to the team through Suffolk’s brand portal.
Suffolk: refreshing the "pitch"
Product Design
Editorial Design