suffolk: rebrand

Rising above an industry reluctant to change in order to compete in an ever-evolving world of innovation.

Founded in 1982 as an open-shop Boston-based building contractor, Suffolk experienced unprecedented growth. Now, they're a national multibillion-dollar organization with motivations that expanded far beyond the traditional built world. Yet, their 20-year-old brand identity was a reflection of the past-not a symbol for the future. 

We dug deep to understand the organization's past form and function, and future ambitions. It was time for the company to transcend its founder and shift to a purpose-driven organization or risk stagnating in an industry ripe for disruption. We rebuilt the brand from the inside out, crafting a strategic foundation and visual identity that rallied both their internal and external stakeholders. 
brand audit

To infuse meaning and intention into the brand, we needed to first understand the company and its people. 

We talked to key stakeholders and the people in their key offices to get perspectives from those who matter the most
We visited coporate offices and work sites countrywide, extensively photographing the full breadth of the Suffolk ecosystem
We observed current industry trends while digging through their visual and strategic history

west coast employee

"We have the desire and make continuous actions toward being one of the most innovative companies in the industry. We are constantly asking, “Is there a better way to do this?” 

west coast employee

This is the kind of office where people say, “This is the hardest I’ve ever worked in my career” 

John fish

At the end of the day...we build people…we just happen to build buildings. It’s all about building the best people. 

west coast employee

If anyone can change the construction industry, it’s us. 

To stand out from the construction clutter, we needed to understand the category conventions. 

The industry pushed similar storylines, creating table stakes for the construction conversation. 
Competitors adhered to the same traditional design tropes and color palettes. 
The industry used technology as an add-on and not a larger innovative way of thinking. 
Construction was an old broken-down industry reluctant to change. 

We immersed the client in our audit immersion room, inviting the client into our process and opening the door for change. 

We rebuilt the brand from its core, inspired by its ambitious culture of pursuit. 

The new strategy and identity amplifies the vision of the business, setting them up for a new chapter of growth and success. To be the disruptor, not the disrupted. To prove impossible wrong. 
internal culture shift

Band together 11 offices through their respective visions, new core strategies and visual identities. 

mission statement
To Redefine Possible
guiding principles
Positive Restlessness Quest for Better
Challenge Boundaries
Dream Big, Do Great
updated logo
The Helix
Part DNA helix, part Möbius strip, the helix bends reality and allows one to see the other side of a problem and redefine possible.
custom made
Streamlined and athletic in its design, our custom-machined wordmark is an alternative expression of the Suffolk brand.
Primary color
It represents both the past and future of Suffolk—a shade of purple that stands alone among the competition.
future proofing the brand
Brand Architecture
The organization lacked a comprehensive brand architecture. We partnered with Suffolk to streamline their products and services around a unifying three-part value proposition. 

Value Prop

Integrating the entire building lifecycle into a seamless platform to redefine how the world builds.


Investing in and developing projects across asset classes nationwide, with projects including residential, senior living, office, industrial, and hospitality sites.


Innovate relates to pushing the boundaries of innovation, data, artificial intelligence, modeling, and more to deliver predictable, seamless results and changing the ways we build.


The primary arm of the Suffolk brand, Build encompasses all things relating to property and construction management, as well as supply chain and design/build services.
suffolk: a closer look at
suffolk: refreshed photography
Curated & Crafted
Being careful to avoid typical industry tropes, we elevated their photography language to fit the new brand.
suffolk: updated branded items
We created apparel that employees would be proud to wear. Updated worksites. Social skins.
suffolk: overhauled offices
Interiors & Exteriors
We infused the entire Suffolk ecosystem with the new brand. With subtle design choices and application techniques, we transformed the office from over branded and heavy, to streamlined and modern.
Before After
Before After
Once drowning in huge swaths of red and enormous inspirational quotes, we updated their space with intentional design choices that helped elevate and accentuate their workspace.
Before After
Before After
suffolk: internal release
Brand Video
suffolk: brand management
Dynamic Guidelines
We provided Suffolk with the tools to futureproof their brand and make it autonomous.
suffolk: rebrand
Masterbrand Identity
Sub-brand Identity
Interior Office Design
Photography POV
Social Templates
On-Site Signage
Trade Show Booth Design
Print Collateral
Apparel Design